Tuesday, 2 May 2017

For Most Of Us,

airline travel is a bore that has to be endured,

but if you are an airline pilot like Sales Wick a new vista opens for you, the chance to video the view in front of you, like the Milky Way, so he is a pilot, photographer, and film producer based in Switzerland who photographs the journeys of his many international flights on his website BeyondClouds, for his video Meet the Milky Way shown above, Wick created a timelapse of his nighttime trip from Zurich to Sao Paulo, capturing the starry sky and the glowing Milky Way straight ahead, the video was recorded in August during one of the few nights where shooting stars can be seen racing across the sky, and during the video several can be observed travelling across the screen, You can view more of Wick’s adventures in aviation on his Instagram and Vimeo accounts, as if being a pilot was not glamorous enough what a great way to show others your view of your job.

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