Monday, 1 May 2017

I Came Across These,


 that many visitors and ex-pats,

will recognise,

 all were taken,

in or around Pattaya,

 but here is the thing,

 by now regular readers of our blog,

will already have a niggling doubt that they have seen these images before,

and they would be right, 

all of these apparently 'old' looking pictures have been on our blog in colour over the last two months, they may look old but look at the bottom of the picture above, and you can see the young lad playing on his mobile telephone, 

and on the side of this mobile seller the 96FM badge, if you are interested in giving any of your pictures an old look I used some applications from the Nik Collection, of the 7 processing plugins I firstly used Dfine 2 then followed with one of the masks from Silver Efex Pro 2 then resized them for the blog using Light Image Resizer from Obvious Ideas, and they say the camera never lies!

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