Wednesday, 3 May 2017

We Both Like Our Kittens,

but when does like turn into an obsession?

 a question I asked myself when I saw an article about the Cat-Men of Japan, the Cat-Men supposedly first appeared in a Kyushuu shopping arcade around 2010, but now there are Cat-Men popping up all over the country, for years people have been greeted by a strange and adorable sight in the shopping arcades and streets of Tokyo- the mysterious Cat-Men, who wheel baby carriages full of cats around like it's no big deal,

but there is a darker side to the Cat-Men, between the huge crowds who form around them, the fact that some Cat-Men sell cats and their willingness to go too far for the sake of entertaining crowds these seemingly innocent guys may be up to no good, 

 so are the Cat-Men of Japan obsessive, just like showing off their cats or look at the show as a money making enterprise? more facts needed methinks.

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