Wednesday, 3 May 2017

We Had Some Shopping To Do Today,

the first stop to TukCom,

 where Diana bought a case for her telephone that has extra batteries in it, then to Fascino for some tablets on Pattaya North Road, near City Hall,

 next to Bic C Extra,

 on Central Road,

 and when we arrived there the first stop, 

 Swensens of course, ice treats over it was time for some food shopping, we went upstairs to the food hall and bought a selection of Australian lamb chops, half legs and two shanks, next downstairs to pick up two tubs of rum and raisin ice cream from Swensens,

 final stop to pick up some Cumberland sausages form KPK, which is conveniently near to Bic C,

 arriving home one of the cactus had flowered,

 a quick picture as tomorrow it will be gone,

 a second bud, which will be open tomorrow,

also waiting for us at home, or I should say for myself, was this totally appropriate birthday card from Steve and Kai in the UK, as Steve said it would have been quicker to have given it to Kai to bring over as she arrived before the card, in any event what a great card, 

this is the battery pack that Diana bought, her telephone runs out of power in no time, so the hope is that this will give some more time between charges,

 time for our evening meal,

 so off to the local cooked food market,

 all manner of food items to tempt you here, 

 but we were on a mission, 

 to find this stall that sells,

sen lek gai, small or thin noodle chicken soup,

 whilst waiting I took a strole around,

 looking at other stalls,

 this one owned by a near neighbour,

 which seems to be very successful,

 after our evening meal it was time to pick a few tomatoes,

 it may not look it, but there consistently has been enough for both breakfast and evening meals,

 after watching The Italian Job, which was sort of good, but it has to be said I preferred the original,

we settled down to watch the three part mini TV series, Hatfields & McCoys, and remarkably good it was too, so good we watched all three episodes back to back, the film is about a long running feud between two families as in the name, 

the Hatfield family of West Virginia, 1897, if you want a little more, but less known facts about the families, including a medical condition which could predisposed the families to fight or flee have a look here, and with that we were off to bed.

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