Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Although Ducati,

are mainly known for their V twins,

 they did make a number of single cylinder machines, the Ducati 350 cc being one of them, and after acquiring an engine,

 Jim and his father from the UK’s Alonze Custom decided to build a scratch built café racer from it, it’s mostly custom fabrication from Jim’s own hands. “I call the bike the ‘Alonze 350 Special,’ Jim didn’t really have any initial inspiration for the build; instead he says he just wanted to make a bike that looked beautiful and that matched the classic Italian design of that 350 engine,
  “The Ducati motors are such a nice shape. So I guess the design of the motor inspired me to make the bike like it is.” 

 With his build time limited to evenings and weekends, it was fairly slow going but quite clearly he got there in the end. The thing I like best about the finished Ducati is that there isn’t another one like it. It’s a complete one-off. I do have my favourite parts; 

for some reason I really love the number plate bracket. It’s not the most complicated part, it’s just simple and was so easy to make. It sits under the seat unit and you can hardly see it, 

also the colours are pretty spectacular when you get them in the sun. The red is a three stage colour and really lights up outside.” what a beauty, you can follow Jim on Instagram, photography by Jim's dad.

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