Saturday, 28 July 2018

As It Was Market Day,

we decided to go,

 so off on the motorcycle to park up by the Grand Day Night Hotel,

 we walked past the rear of TukCom,

 I noticed this rather neat racer parked up,

 just before we crossed Pattaya Tai,

 the barriers up stopping traffic from turning left into Soi Bukaow,

 looking from Soi Bukaow across Pattaya Tai the new building next to Friendship taking shape,

 looking along Soi Bukaow not much traffic,

 I passed the fried chicken stall,

 and entered where the fresh fruit is sold,

 as well as plastic plants,

 dragon fruit, but these stood out from the normal ones I have seen before,

 although they do not look it they were huge,

 the aquatic stall,

 in the middle of the market was here today, 

I continued walking,

 Diana had gone her own way, as she looks Thai she gets the Thai price, but with me in tow it is the falang price,

 in the middle of the market a beauty stall,

 near the vegetable section,

 this stall a riot of colour,

 selling accessories for hair,

 fo some stall holders it was all too much, 

his stall selling herbs and spices I am guessing,

 the market is covered over with awnings, but occasionally there is space for the sun to come streaming through,

 scary dairy T shirts,

 I am not sure,

 that I would like,

 to wake up with any of these staring at me hanging over the back of a chair!

 a new one for me, I have seen many cocktail mobile bars, but this is the first one selling coffee I seen in the Soi Bukaow market,

 by now I had reached the end of the market,

 where the plants sellers are,

 having said sellers there used to be 4 or 5 but now just one,

 the shop behind the aquatic stall closed, but as it is a long weekend many people have return to their villages to see friends and family,

 I crossed the road and took a panorama of the corner,

 and said goodbye to the market,

Diana was still shopping, so I stopped here,

 normally this place is packed, but again I suspect many people have gone away for the long weekend,

 an ice latte coffee, just what I needed! 

 Diana called to say she was finished shopping, so I made my way past the middle entrance to the market, a drive home and it was feet up for a film,

Tremors A Cold Day in Hell, not as well done as previous films in the series, but still enjoyable, meanwhile in the kitchen, our evening meal was cooking away,

 as there is a ban on selling alcohol on Friday and Saturday, we decided to stay at home, 

 so Diana cooked chilli con carne,

 it looked,

 and was delicious, 

 and for desserts a special teat, Diana dove into her special chocolate reserve, 

and we decided on Divine dark chocolate with pink Himalayan salt, delicious! we listened to music for the rest of the evening, I had hoped to take a few photographs of the blood moon, but alas the whole area was covered with cloud, so as the midnight hour approached we were off to bed.

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