Tuesday, 24 July 2018

We Decided To Stay In Today,

not that we had anything to do,

in the afternoon it was Wonder Woman, we were amazed, at how high the IMDB score was for such a less than average movie regarding plot, acting and well just about everything, some of the special effect were fine, but certainly it was very hard to feel any empathy with any of the characters, we were just glad we did not make the effort to go to the cinema to watch it, after watching Wonder Woman it was decided I needed a haircut, so out with the trimmer, and the curse of the electrics struck me again, the trimmer had been a bit reluctant to start on previous haircuts, it would turn on with a nice resounding click, but the blade would not move, so slight tap and then all was well, but not this time, talk to it, give the trimmer a tap, a thump and then a hit, it was done for, it clicked on and off, but the blade was frozen in time, so tomorrow out for a new hair trimmer,

so on to our next movie, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, as bad as Wonder Woman was, this the opposite, Jumanji was excellent, fast paced as a kids movies should be, which I guess is why we liked it so much,

the final full length film of the evening was Last Knights, an enjoyable medieval romp, with shades of 7 Samurai, Ronin and a few other films thrown in, great fight scenes with swords clashing and slashing, to round off the evening, with the demise of Grot, the House of Perrin takes center stage, and with a few more episodes of Reggie we were off to bed.

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