Saturday, 7 July 2018

If You Are Into Underwater Photography,

prepare to be amazed,

 at just some of the stunning photographs from this years 2018 Underwater Photographer of the Year contest,which showcased a wide range of subjects and perspectives, from a split photograph of a pair of crossed swans to a startling portrait of an unlucky fish being devoured by a luminescent jellyfish, above, British Underwater Photographer of the Year: “Love Birds” by  © Grant Thomas (UK)/UPY2018

 Wide Angle Third Place: “Evening Snorkel” © Brook Peterson (USA)/UPY2018

 Behaviour Runner Up: “In Hinding” © Scott Gutsy Tuason (Philippines)/UPY2018

 Wide Angle Commended: “Blacktip Rendezvous” © Renee Capozzola (USA)/UPY2018

Wide Angle Winner: “Humpback whale spy hopping”  © Greg Lecoeur (France)/UPY2018

Black and White Winner: “Crocodile reflections”  © Borut Furlan (Slovenia)/UPY2018, 

the annual competition, held since 1965, is based in the UK and open to photographers worldwide, judge chairman Peter Rowlands shares the pictures with all with a free downloadable yearbook, compiling this year’s top photographs, stunning absolutely stunning.

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