Monday, 30 July 2018


so we were out for our roast lunch,

to The George restaurant and bar,

 we have eaten there many times before, it is in Chaiyaphruek 2 Road, if you are going away from Pattaya heading towards Sattahip on the Sukhumvit Road, when you arrive at the Chaiyaphruek traffic lights turn right and the restaurant/pub is about 100 yards along the road on the left hand side, 

the carvery all ready and waiting,

for our starters pumpkin soup for Mr. Tony, above Diana's chicken liver pate, and for myself, Caesar salad,

on to the main course,

I decided on just the roast pork,

carefully carved by George,

a mixture of meats for Diana and Mr.Tony,


on to desserts,

we all chose vanilla,

which was nice,

as was my treat to me, a Jamaican coffee,

a normal coffee for Mr. Tony,

Ian popped over to say hello, what a great meal the 3 course buffet is 395 baht each, 

on our way back we passed the Riviera condominium, most condominiums we see being built are just square or oblong blocks towering into the sky,

but this one appears to be all sorts of shapes, it will hopefully be nice to see when it is completed,

Mr. Tony kindle dropped us off on Jomtien Beach Road,

so we made our way back to,

Dongtan Beach,

and continued along the deserted road,

to the beach entrance of our condominium,

where it was feet up for the late afternoon/evenings films, firstly The Keep, a film that is difficult to track down, apparently Michael Mann retreated to television after the commercial and artistic disappointment of The Keep (1983), where he then created the hugely successful cop drama show Miami Vice (1984), for a full rundown of the failure have a look here, but I really enjoyed it, with music by Tangerine Dream the whole film was dark and mysterious, but then I do seem to have strange tastes in films according to a few that know me,

next Blade Runner 2049, what a disappointment, we were both so looking forward to watching it, but I knew it was doomed after the first 10 minutes, which was confirmed just 5 minutes later when Diana turned to me and said, 'it is so slow', and it was, amazingly it received a 8.1 on the IMDB listing, we would have given it a begrudging 4.0, but there it is, the good news was that we finished the evening with a couple from Columbo and with that we were off to bed.

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