Sunday, 22 July 2018

Let's Start The Week,

with a picture of a cute, adorable puppy,

like this one,

or maybe this one in a different color, but here is the thing, could you eat it? when you think about food, the first thing that probably comes to mind is taste, but the fact is that eating is a visual experience as well, and sometimes you can be put off by a dish, even though you know it is delicious, so why is the puppy-shaped ice-cream served at the Sowing the Sweets cafe, in Taiwan making me hesitate to pick up a spoon and tuck in?

so how would you start, do you take a bite out of its face, a paw or do you just sink the spoon into the puppy’s back? 

well, Reddit user Penguin4466, whose photos of the disturbing dessert went viral on the popular social network, actually managed to eat one of these treats, I know it is only ice cream, but it just seems so wrong! if you have the stomach for it, here is a video, We will only be making these two posts today, the normally slow Internet connection in the condominium has slowed down so much it has taken nearly 4 hours to completed just these two, hopefully it will be up to its usual snails pace tomorrow!

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