Sunday, 8 July 2018

Over The Past Few Days,

I keep stumbling across articles,

that state that bananas, in particular the Cavendish variety might die ourworld wide, a tropical fungus that causes Panama disease could wipe out the Cavendish—the most popular variety of banana—in the not-so-distant future, to make matters worse, a wild crop of bananas in Madagascar that could help diversify the fruit's gene pool and protect the Cavendish was just put on the extinction list, the BBC reports, banana panic has been ongoing for a few years, but Snopes reports that some fears—like claims that bananas will be extinct within a decade—are unfounded, however, threats to the Cavendish banana are very real, 

  it was the next bit that really caught my attention, it’s not the only crop that’s vulnerable, the world’s most popular wine grapes are also susceptible to pandemics for similar reasons, including a lack of genetic diversity, scientists are now crossbreeding different varieties of grapes, much like efforts to save the banana, in an effort to keep the wine flowing, message to grape diversity scientists around the world, work harder, longer, faster!

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