Tuesday, 17 July 2018

I Know It Is The Second Photography Post,

but again such fabulous images,

that I just had to post them, 

 photographer Levon Biss shoots highly detailed images of insect specimens for his continuing series Microsculpture, combining 8,000 to 10,000 individual shots to produce the final piece, 

 included in this selection are the shield bug and tricolored jewel beetle, which were both collected by famous naturalists, the former was collected by Charles Darwin during a visit to Australia in 1836, and brought back to the UK on the famed HMS Beagle, the luminescent tricolored jewel beetle was collected exactly two decades later by his contemporary Alfred Russell Wallace,

 Biss has current exhibitions at the Hessischer Landesmuseum in Darmstadt, Germany through August 5, 2018,

 and Naturama in Svenborg, Denmark through November 25, 2018, 

in addition to his first US exhibit Microsculpture: The Insect Photography of Levon Biss, 

 which opened at the Houston Museum of Natural Science,

 earlier this month, the reason for taking so many photographs and combining them is that by creating an 8gb file, viewers can almost continuingly zoom in to reveal great detail, or indeed super huge highly detailed prints can be made,

you can view interactive versions of his highly detailed composite images on his Microsculpture website

 You can buy limited edition archival pieces on his online print shop, and no I am not on commision! I am just amazed at the microscopic detail of his photographs.

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