Sunday, 22 July 2018

As The Previous Post Was Set In New York,

here are some other artworks,

 that New Yorkers can look out for, Jim Bachor has been filling potholes with mosaics in Chicago and beyond for the last five years, combining his art practice with public service to create popsicles, flowers, and other items

he has just returned from a trip to New York City where he installed five new mosaics as a part of his series Vermin of New York,all of the pieces—a dead rat, pigeon, cockroach, portrait of Donald Trump, and a bouquet of flowers—were installed in Brooklyn or Manhattan, 

“A lot of my work is pretty upbeat, so I try and be a little unpredictable to keep people of balance—hence the vermin,” 

  but just days after installation his cockroach, portrait of Donald Trump, and bouquet were removed by the transportation department, 

something that has never happened to previous 67 installs,I guess someone does not want attention focused on unrepaired potholes, You can see the works that have managed to stay in the ground on his Instagram, pity he does not visit the UK,from what my friends who live there tell me there are millions of pot holes he could fill, and a figure of £556,000,000 is being bandied about as the amount of cash it would take to repair them, so if Jim wants to pop across to help out fill them it would be a great help!

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