Wednesday, 18 July 2018

What Is Considered To Be,

the most haunted place in Asia,

is in India, and this is it, I have to say we have always dreamed of going to India, but I am not sure if the long abandon town of Bhangarh will feature in our travels, located at foot of the mountains in the Rajgarh municipality of the Alwar district in the state of Rajasthan, originally founded in 1573 to provide an opulent residence for Madho Singh, a general of Emperor Akbar and the second son of the great ruler Bhagwant Das, and with its fortified walls, intimidating gates, and grand royal palace it was once quite the sight to behold, renowned for its magnificent grandeur and picturesque scenery, 

yet, in 1783 there was a mass exodus of people from this once proud place, thought to be due to a famine but no one is really sure, and the town fell into utter disrepair and was eventually cordoned off from the rest of the world by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI),  although it is mostly thought that people fled the town due to the great famine, an event called the Chalisa, or that it was possibly helped along because Bhangarh was invaded by the rival ruler Jai Singh II in 1720, it has never really been concretely explained, and the history on it all is rather murky, this has led to a few different legends as to how the town came to be this way, and why it is a place infused with supernatural darkness, there are tales that anyone who is to enter the town after dark will never come back out, and that evil spirits stalk the ruins at night, to the point that Bhangarth is widely recognized as one, if not the most haunted places in all of Asia,

common occurrences reported by locals and tourists alike are the sound of ethereal music, laughing, dancing, and a shadowy figure standing forlornly in one of the upper windows of the palace, stories of trespassers coming across freak accidents, ghosts, and anomalous noises abound here, and the legends continue to swirl, to read the ghostly stories and actual accidents that have happened here have a read of the story, so is Bhangarh haunted? well perhaps we could just go and have a quick look, if we ever get to India.

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