Wednesday, 25 July 2018

I Was Getting Low,

on my energy drink,

that I take after my daily dozen, just a couple of scoops left, so I took a picture of the tub to show the shop what I wanted,

 but first we parked in Pattaya Tai,

 at the huge hairdressing and beauty shop, to buy some electric hair clippers,

 shopping finished, a quick look at the gold shops further down the street,

 and we were on our way to Third Road, to Tony Town, that area where Tony's gyms are, and the shops that support keeping fit and training,  

 so we went and bought one of the 10 lbs bags of whey, vanilla flavour, so that should keep me going for more than a few months,

and here were our clippers and oil, we had bought 2 of them as a friend of ours wanted one, Mark called round in the afternoon for a tea and a chat, after saying our goodbyes and evening meal,

it was time for this evenings movie, The Light at the Edge of the World, for the time a remarkably violent film, released in 1971, it tells the tale of a pirate crew that takes over a lighthouse, repositions the light and preys on ships that then flounder on the rocks, the sole survivor of the lighthouse crew must come to terms with his captors, we followed that with a few more from the Columbo box and with that we were off to bed.

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