Saturday, 7 July 2018

In The Afternoon,

we popped over to Friendship,

 for our weekly shopping,

 and to buy a joint for Sunday,

 in the late afternoon, off out again to the weekend night market on Theprisitt Road,

 one of the fruit sellers making his round,

 this is the stall if you like practical jokes,

 a few colourful shorts,

 the one in the middle very appropriate for the beach,

 I really like looking at this stall, it has so many things of interest,

 with lots of geological specimens, like geodes and fossils,

 and here some fools gold, iron pyrites,

 the ice cream seller meets the coconut juice trolley,

 I have made my way to the centre road of the market, looking towards Jomtien cloudy skies,

 the same looking inland,

 I bumped into the coconut man again,

I made my way past the toy stall,

 and looked at one of the souvenir stalls,

 this velvet picture very bright,

 opposite the bar work had continued, shuttering on top of the steelworks,

 this week underneath a stall selling towels and one selling shoes,

 new for this week, a mini pool, at least that is what it looks like, I imagine a water feature when the work is completed,

 the fruit stall all ready for action,

 I had a look inside, 

a quick look at this interesting stall,

 anyone for bugs?

  no prizes for guessing what we are having for our evening meal,

 I made my way back outside, 

 to the wicker stall where last week there were a couple of very highly coloured dresses for sale,

 this week a somewhat toned down example was being draped,

 at the bottom of the hill, the pet section,

 I made my way along the aisle,

 past the dog coats,

 to the now completed steps to the upstairs car park,

 one of the rows of aquariums having some maintenance as they are half filled,

 sunset over the market,

 up to the road, where more shuttering is in place,

 and past one of the fluorescent shirt stalls, they look so bright because the stall owner has a 'black-light' above them,

 it was time for me to buy another watch,

 the one I bought a few months ago had stopped a couple of times, I am guessing it needs a new battery, now here is the thing, a new battery fitted 150 baht,

 a new watch 100 baht, so a new watch it was then!

 I sat at the bar and was joined by Brian,

 as night crept towards the market we said our farewells,

 and arriving home sat on our balcony,

looking at the pool below,

 and here was our evening meal,

 honey roasted pork and roast duck, 

'Cheers!', we spent the evening listening to music, until the midnight hour approached and we were off to bed.

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