Tuesday, 17 July 2018

I Was Totally Amazed,

when I looked at these photographs,

 they were taken in Chile, 

 by Chilean freelance photographer Francisco Negroni, who captures nature at its most brutal with lighting and fire at its centre, 

 the photographer originally studied advertising photography and tourism, but once he witnessed his first volcano, he knew that it would be his focus going forward,

 due to the expenses and difficulties of travelling in the Chilean backcountry, Negroni carefully tracks  upcoming eruptions and risk factors to maximise the potential of each trip, He travels light, only with a backpack containing a laptop, camera, tripod, and three lenses, and he camps in his car for longer excursions, 

 presently, Negroni shoots for reporters and journalists, and has published his work with National Geographic, the Associated Press, and Terra,

 You can see more of his weather and landscape photographs, which are also available as prints, on his website,

as I mentioned before, the photographs are stunning, the more I look at them the more I like them, and for the adventurous, Negroni also leads personalised tours and workshops, and yes we would just love to go on one of his workshops, please send tickets for both of us to the usual address!

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