Thursday, 12 July 2018

I Am Only Making One Post Today,

and you will read why later,

 in the day time we watched a few movies, starting with Night of the Demon a classic favorite of ours, which was renamed Curse of the demon,

we followed that with The Dambusters, a good old patriotic war film, in case you are not aware of it, the film is based on a true story, the film is a fitting tribute to the raid, and the massive losses of 617 squadron, of the 19 aircraft to go out, only 11 came back, of the 77 crew lost on the raid, only 1 survived, after watching some cable television, 

we rounded the early evening off with Jeff Dunham, with one of the funniest shows we have seen for years,

then we were out,

 to Hemingways for our evening meal,

 we were here to eat, and watch The Match,

 Diana choose,

some loaded nachos, topped with chili con carne, jalapenos, green peppers, salsa, guacamole, sour cream and melted cheese,

 for myself, chicken​ ​tikka​ ​masala​ ​with rice and a plain naan bread,

 Diana then decided on a dessert,  

 a banana split, 

 we knew we were going to be here a few hours, The Game did not start until 01.00 AM our time, so after a few hours I ordered my main course,

a ploughman's lunch, the rest as they say is history after full time the score was a draw, and after extra time we lost, so there it is, we will have to wait for another 4 years for our next go at the worldcup,

 at just after 04.00 AM we made our way home,

 along a deserted Dongtan Beach Road, 

and bars that had shown The Match, so for us we were off to bed, and just 2 hours later I am up typing the blog, but in truth I feel a little tired, so for me I am off back to bed.

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