Sunday, 8 July 2018

I Knew That Atlas Moths Grew Big,

at school one of the masters kept some,

when I say kept, I believe he sent for the pupa from a UK butterfly farm, he may have even breed them, but all I do know is that although they were big when he brought them to show the pupils at school, they were not as big as he one pictured here, just a shame it has so little time to live, the adults lack fully formed mouthparts and cannot eat, subsisting entirely on fat reserves accumulated during the larval stage, as a result, they live for only a few days, five or six, during which their sole objective is seeking out a mate, but the Atlas moth, (Attacus atlas), can be bred in the UK under the correct conditions, and no I am not on commision, it is just that the picture above reminded me of school days.

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