Sunday, 29 July 2018

Is This The Way To Go?

whilst public transport in some countries seems to get little attention,

 or money sent on it, great leaps are being made in this new mass transit system, the Hyperloop, a team from the Technical University of Munich has topped previous hyperloop speed records with a capsule that hit 467 kilometres per hour, at a competition run by SpaceX, the WARR Hyperloop team, made up of over 40 students from the Technical University of Munich, raced their prototype in the Hyperloop Pod Competition, held at the SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California on 22 July 2018,

 it is the third time the aerospace company has run the competition, and the third time WARR Hyperloop has won, by reaching a top speed of 467 kilometres per hour, the team beat the record they set at last year's competition by almost 50 per cent,

as a point of difference to previous competitions, the 2018 competing pods had to be self-propelled, "That was optional in the previous years; it was also possible to use SpaceX technology," said WARR Hyperloop team leader Gabriele Semino. "But we've had our own drive since 2017, this meant we were able to further develop our concept in principle." WARR Hyperloop's pod reached a record-breaking speed of 467 kilometres per hour at the SpaceX competition, "The tube in front of the SpaceX building in Los Angeles is only 1.2 kilometres long, and the pod has to accelerate to full speed and then brake again within this distance," said Semino. "This is a gigantic challenge. Our pod accelerates five times faster than an airplane during take-off." crikey, that is fast, just think, in a few years time instead of taking the car, plane or train it could be, 'bye dear, I am just going podding!'

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