Thursday, 26 July 2018

I Forgot To Mention,

yesterday another crown dropped off,

 so first stop to Dr. Chanis, but the trip was not without a bit of a panic, we could not find the keys to the motorcycle anywhere, we looked all around the conominum, then walked down to the motortorcyc to see if I had left the keys in it, which I admit I often do, luckily it at 25 years or so old and is worthless to anyone that sees it, but no keys in it, back upstairs for another desperate look around, then as a forlorn hope we went back downstairs to ask the two security guards if any keys had been found, a box was opened with at least ten or a dozen sets of keys in it, and guess what? ours was not there, one of the two security guards called to the third guard some way away that sits at a desk by the motorcycles, he put his hand in his pocket and there they were, our keys, lucky or what!

back to the surgery, it is just opposite Friendship on Pattaya Tai, and 300 baht later and I was on my way,

to meet up with Diana, and as we were nearby,

 a quick visit to McDonald's, we also picked up a few DVDs, 

 we made our way back to the surgery where I had parked the motorcycle, going past the building next to Friendship,

 in the evening it was glad rags on,

 and we were off, out for our Wednesday evening meal, 10 baht each later and we arrived at Central Festival, 

we had decided on this one, and after looking around at a number of restaurants,

came back to it, which was in fact our first choice anyway, Miyazaki, a Japanese style Teppanyaki restaurant, I took these pictures as we arrived, not many people there, but by the time we looked around the other restaurants and came back to it, it was packed,

 diners are sat around a hot plate,

 and a number of chefs,

 cook your food, before your very eyes,

 no wine I am afraid,

 but they do sell beer!

 we arrived at about 6.30 in the evening but just a little while later when we returned the place was packed, but we were lucky two dinners had just left so we were fine,

 on to the food,

 and these are ours, 

 a pork steak for Diana and a beef steak for myself,

 when we arrived it was so funny, due to the metal implements the chefs were using it sounded like 50 demented grandmothers were knitting for all they were worth, using extra loud metal knitting needles!

 our steaks were nearly done,


 and served,

 along with miso soup, vegetables and plain rice, 

 there is an option of garlic rice for a surcharge,

 and this was Diana's,

 nicely cooked pork, 

 and with the same vegetables,

 and miso soup as myself,

 one of the staff kindly took a photograph of us, 

 we ordered three extras, spring beans, 

 prawns in a spicy sauce,

 and bacon wrapped green pepper, the meal was excellent,  

 but a few words, we have eaten at other Teppanyaki restaurants in the past, I have to say in those the chefs put on a show of throwing implements and eggs in the air, and making the event last a long time, here not so much of a show, but at 1,600 baht, including 2 large beers, and we both chose the most expensive cuts of beef and pork on the standard menu, plus the three extra dishes, the meal here was less than a third of the price we have paid at other venues, so all in all for us a great deal,

 we made our way to Beach Road into the Walking Street area, where we change baht buses, 

 and for 20 baht each we were home,

 the tower in the distance,

illuminated for the evening,

then a real oldie from 1937, The Man Who Could Work Miracles, based on the H.G. Wells story, this film centres on George Fotheringay (RolandYoung), a retired man who receives nearly limitless power from a group of supernatural beings, at first George is amazed by the powers, but also worries about how to use them properly, and then decides to change the world, next a few from Reggie and we were off to bed.

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