Saturday, 21 July 2018

As Usual I Was Up Just Before 06.00AM,

and it looked like it was going to be a nice day,

 when all of a sudden it stared to rain,

 really rain, it was so strange as there was hardly a cloud in the sky, so I looked for a rainbow, but alas none was to be found, walking into the kitchen I got wet feet, water was dripping from underneath the sink, so a telephone call and the condominium engineer called round, a few moments later and it was fixed, evidently a pipe going to the water filter had decided to stage a partial strike and decided to leak, but all is well now, Mark called by in the afternoon for a tea and a chat,

 and then we were out,

to the baht bus rank in Thepprasit Road, I looked back to the huge television screen,

 at the traffic lights,

 10 baht later and I was at the market, Diana stayed on the bus as she wanted to go to Tesco Lotus,

 at the start of the market there are a number of stalls selling food and drink, and further along ones selling shoes and above them,

 some flame trees, (Delonix regia),

 living up to their name in flower,

 I made my way towards the center of the market, 

 passing one of the fruit sellers doing his rounds,

 at the center where I normally take a few pictures, I looked back towards Jomtien, 

 at grey overcast skies,

 past the toy stall,

 and looking inland still grey cloudy skies,

 new for this week, these T shirts,

 with rather pleasing patterns using just lines,

 opposite the bar this evening a stall selling shoes,

 and the one next to it selling hairgrips,

 where the car park above the market is open this stall is selling water, 

 well I do not know who Pocari is and I certainly do not want to drink his/her sweat, it is apparently a particularly good low sugar electrolyte drink, but why use the word sweat? why not use say Pocari Refresh or perhaps Pocari Electro? but drinking sweat it is, at least if it was an advertising ploy it got a mention on the blog!

 moving on to the fruit stall, all set up and ready to go,

 the wicker basket stall,

 with another colorful dress on display again this week,

 at the bottom of the hill the pet section,

 under the ramps, dry parking for the many motorcycles,

 not many customers today, but we were a tad early,

 the aquatic store,

 had a few new fish for this week, 

 these called orandas, (Carassius auratus auratus), a type of goldfish,

 at the far end of the aisle, the road markings are in place,

 as are now both speed ramps,

 sunset over the market,

 I had seen some of these egg like things a few weeks ago and had forgotten what they were for,

 but now seeing them open I remembered, toothpick holders,

 the central staircase from the upstairs car park now complete,

 at the front of the market the safety barrier completed, 

 I am guessing it will not be long now until the car park is open,

 tonight we were joined by Brian, son Nikky,  

 and Brian's wife Sa,

 and Nikky has a new toy, a lightsaber, 

 a fearsome weapon in the wrong hands!

 it was really very neat, it had lights in it, and it had a number of voices that spoke to you, in my day at age 4 all we had were yo-yos, diablos and rocks,

 and look at what was in the bag when Nikky and Sa returned, Ben 10! we chatted the evening away and after saying our goodbyes we were on the baht bus home, 

 where for our evening meal,

a selection of roasted pork and duck, 'Cheers!',

then it was feet up for this evenings films, firstly 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, a real boys own adventure from 1954, 

which we followed with Some Like It Hot, and we were so fortunate, on the DVD we have there is an in depth interview with Tony Curtis and the surviving girls that made up the band, Sweet Sue Society Syncopators, an all-female band that appears in the film, and here is some trivia about the film, Marilyn Monroe required 47 takes to get "It's me, Sugar" correct, instead saying either "Sugar, it's me" or "It's Sugar, me". After take 30, Billy Wilder had the line written on a blackboard. Another scene required Monroe to rummage through some drawers and say "Where's the bourbon?" After 40 takes of her saying "Where's the whiskey?", 'Where's the bottle?", or "Where's the bonbon?", Wilder pasted the correct line in one of the drawers. After Monroe became confused about which drawer contained the line, Wilder had it pasted in every drawer. Fifty-nine takes were required for this scene and when she finally does say it, she has her back to the camera, leading some to wonder if Wilder finally gave up and had it dubbed, but what a great and funny film, and with a couple from Reggie we were off to bed.

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