Wednesday, 11 July 2018

As Far As Clothes Go,

I am old fashioned,

 but that does not stop me,

 from looking at where the latest fashion trends are going, so here is Syntopia, it is the latest haute couture collection from Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen, “As a former dancer, the transformation within movement has hypnotized me,” explained van Herpen in a statement about Syntopia, “For this collection I looked closely at the minutiae of bird flight and the intricate echoing forms within avian motion.” 

transparent silk organza was pleated and liquid-coated for several of the collection’s pieces. This technique slowed down the movement of the garment, more closely imitating the flapping pattern of a bird’s wings, this was also the inspiration for the show’s kinetic installation, made in collaboration with Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta of Studio Drift, the work, “In 20 Steps,” was formed from twenty delicate glass tubes which peaked and bowed in succession, moving in synchronicity with the models down the runway, other dress forms were made from the sound wave patterns of specific birds,

 these noises were visualized and laser cut into mylar, black cotton, red organza and transparent black acrylic sheets and then layered like feathers to create a cohesive piece, 

the collection also features headgear as well,

You can see the entire range of avian-inspired clothing from van Herpen’s recent collection on her website and in the video below,

and a really nice video it is too, but here is the thing, in what street exactly would I have to visit, to see anyone walking in any of the up to date fashions above?

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