Friday, 6 July 2018

It Is So Easy To Fall Into The Trap,

of making fun of things you do not understand,

 take me and sport, I just do not get this game above at all,

or this fun filled winter activity, this is an actual quote from an email that I sent to Graham, a colleague of mine, which I also forward to Steve, I should say that it is about the upcoming football match on Saturday, I do not normally take an interest in any sport, but it is England fielding, here is the quote, 'Well it seems like a special game, I still get confused about the LBW rule, as far as I am concerned if the ball flies through the uprights of the H it counts as a hole in one', of course I see where I made the mistake, I should of said puck, not ball,

and here is another thing I know nothing about, fashion, so I will not comment on what ladies will be wearing this year, well I will, it looks way too funny for words!

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