Monday, 9 July 2018

If I Ever Made A Short Movie,

I would be so pleased if it was as good as this,

from Nate Atwater, a personal project filmed with the help of my brother, David Atwater,this project was shot over the course of two weeks while living out of the back of a Ford Escape and traveling all over the state of Utah,

Music used with permission: “Undimmed by Time, Unbound by Death” M83, Anthony Gonzalez, Joesph Trapanese.

Filmed with:
Canon 6D
Dynamic Perception motion control
Emotimo motion control

if only I could make a video this good, and here is the thing, a movie camera was not used, each sequence was taken using time lapse photography, and spliced together, and no photoshop! I would be so proud to produce something this good, well done Nate and David.

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