Friday, 6 July 2018

It Is A Common,

and easy way to gather information,

on your chosen subject, to record its movements or migrations, say on sharks, whales, you name it, so it was no surprise to see that in April 2017 Polish environmental group EkoLogiczna had fitted a GPS tracker on the back of Kajtek, a white stork, so it could collect data about the bird’s winter migration route his migration route to Africa, as well as his feeding habits, in the next year, the bird flew around 6,000 km and EkoLogiczna was able to collect the data they wanted, but in February of this year, something weird happened, on his way back from Africa to Poland, Kajtek stopped in Sudan, and “for unknown reasons” remained in the area for over two months, “travelling 25 kms in different directions during the day”, then, on April 26, they lost the signal completely, no one knows what happened to Kajtek, but what they do know is that they received a bill for a phone bill linked to the SIM in Kajtek’s GPS tracker, for a whopping 10,000 PLN ($2,663), the explanation was pretty simple to figure out, “Someone quite simply removed the card from the tracker, put it in a phone and used it for 20 hours of communication,” the Polish environmental group wrote on its Facebook page, one has to hope Kajtek returns to be fitted with a new tracker that can be turned off it things look like they are going wrong.

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