Friday, 27 July 2018

Garden Ponds,

 are a popular feature in many home gardens,

apart from keeping fish and plants in them they can become a literal oasis for insects and even birds to drink from, taking this one stage further many have a water feature such as a fountain or waterfall, but when it comes to made made waterfalls, this one is the biggest, measuring 108 meters (354 feet), this technological wonder is believed to be the highest artificial waterfall in the world, when the Liebian International Plaza waterfall was first turned on, many locals allegedly believed that the massive stream of water was the result of burst pipes somewhere up the skyscraper, in reality, the waterfall is powered by an impressive installation made up of an underground water storage and drainage system and powerful pumps,

a video of the stunning waterfall, with stream of water rippling in the sun and creating a perpetual rainbow in front of the Liebian International Plaza skyscraper, went viral on social media this week, leaving millions of people around the world scratching their eyes, “Our building has a four-storey underground water storage and drainage system, from which the water is pumped and recycled,” Mr. Cheng, a spokesperson for Guizhou Ludiya Property Management Co., Ltd, recently told Kan Kan News, adding that the main sources for the water are recycled tap water and rain water,

so if you’re ever in the Chinese city of Guiyang, look out for the 121-meter-tall Liebian International Plaza which is a multi-purpose building, housing a hotel, shopping mall and offices go and see the waterfall, but pumping water is expensive, Mr. Cheng admitted that the four 185 kilowatt pumps that push the water high up the skyscraper consume about costs 800 yuan (around $118) per hour, but added that his company company has a lot of experience in water conservancy construction and only turns on the waterfall for special occasions, for up to 10-20 minutes at a time, to save electricity, so maybe call first!

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