Wednesday, 25 July 2018

To Tattoo,

or not to tattoo, 

 that is the question that many are asking, on the morning of July 22nd, police Wenzhou, China, received reports of a young child walking aimlessly on the local highway, 10 minutes later, a police patrol spotted the child, and after guiding the child to safety, stopped their car to ask some questions, it was clear from the very beginning that the child suffered from some sort of mental disability, as the subject was unable to provide basic information like name or his age, after searching the child for anything that could help them identify the subject, one of the officers noticed a series of numbers that appeared to have been scribbled on the forearm, it turned out to be a tattoo,

but should it have been there? it didn’t take long for the officers to figure out that the tattoo was a phone number, which they immediately dialed, luckily, the child’s mother picked up and she provided the policemen with the family address, so the kid was safely returned home, still, the officer couldn’t help ask the mother why she had opted to tattoo the phone number directly on the kid’s arm, as this was obviously not the most practical choice, as you can see in the picture above, at one point the family changed their phone number, so the old one had to be crossed out with the tattoo gun, and the new one tattooed underneath, this surely had caused the kid unnecessary suffering, “The child is intellectually disabled, and he has our phone number tattooed on his forearm because of this,” the woman said, the alternative? have the boy wear a bracelet or necklace and hope he does not take it off, or it falls off, or have the child fingerprinted and hope when he is found by a member of the public who calls the police they check his fingerprints, so of the three would you do in the same circumstances as the girls family?

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