Sunday, 8 July 2018

We Had A Quiet Day,

but in the evening it was glad rags on,

as we made our way from our room,

and we were out,

for our evening meal,

and went for a stroll along Dongtan Beach Road,

and not only the meal, but the game, to Hemingways, in Jomtien, we had a Sunday lunch there a few weeks ago and thought we would return,

a quick selfie on Diana's telephone,

and it was then time for our meal,

and this was our shared starter, chicken tikka kebabs,


next our main course, pizza for Diana, 

chilli con carne for myself,

Diana's pizza was bigger than it looked!

as Diana's video shows,


and let the game comence,

victory! well I never had any doubts, well a few as our goalkeeper for some reason threw or kicked the ball out of play a couple of times but that was all, much to my surprise Diana really enjoyed the game, the crowd in the restaurant was really good natured, in fact Diana was talking about reserving a tables at 01.00 AM in the morning for the next game as she enjoyed the game and atmosphere so much,

and a toast to our victory in the next game or two,
and who could make an England football post without Fat Les?

England, where would we be without Vindaloo? and with that we had a walk home and we were off to bed.

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