Friday, 29 May 2009

5 Shot, 1 Dead,

Over A Cat! now I know some people love their pets and when a neighbours dog kills the pet cat there is bound to be a little upset, but to shoot the dog to death who killed it and then shoot the 50 year old owner and his 8 year old daughter? over the top or what? but wait it gets worse, sheriff’s deputies came out to investigate, the man who shot the father and daughter began shooting at them, one deputy was hit multiple times and was flown to Carolinas Medical Center for treatment, He is expected to be released Friday, another deputy was hit in the arm, He was treated at a nearby hospital and released, deputies eventually moved in on the shooter, and more shots were fired, resulting in the suspect’s death, Sheriff's officials believe he was struck in the gunfire, the incident took place on Grandin Road near Blue Creek road in an area called Kings Creek, north of Lenoir N.C. I wonder what medication the shooter was on!

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