Saturday, 9 May 2009

Friday Night Out,

Mike and Riza very kindly offered to take us out for a meal,
the girls all dressed up and ready to go,
we are heading out towards the Buddha mountain, now just going past the tourist trap, Pattaya floating market, if you want anything they sell there it will be cheaper in Luckdod off of Pattaya North,
on the way we stopped at the vineyard for some biscuits the girls wanted, this is the coffee and pizza shop,
which is opposite the small store on the other side of the road,
mission complete, shopping done,
I do not know the restaurants name, but if you see this sign going towards Sattahip on the 331 you are parked in the restaurants car park!
Mike and Riza,
a nice fountain/waterfall feature,
and of course us,
a view from the front across the seating area,
the restaurant has a cocktail bar for before dinner drinks,
and you can watch your food being cooked if you wish as the kitchen is on full view,
Riza making a donation for the local temple,
and Diana making merit as well,
now on to the food, first course chicken, cashew nuts and water chestnuts, it was so delicious we ordered a second plateful!
and another of my birthday presents, many thanks to Geoff and Fa for this delicious bottle of Paul Valmeras it went down a treat!
chicken fried rice, always a favorite,
bird in garlic,
and spare ribs in garlic,
and now for something completely different, horseshoe crab,
although not really a crab, it is much more closely related to spiders,
this is the first time I have eaten one, the bit you eat is the yellow eggs under the front of the carapace, they turn brown after being cooked, I must admit it will not be high on my list of things to try again! the thing is every time I see the underside of one of these I always think of the animal in Alien,
fresh vegetables,
"Cheers!" from all of us,
lots of food so the girls are happy,
the crab was the star of the show,
and I forgot we also had some tom yum soup,
and this was our waitress for the evening,
all to soon time to go for a night cap at 388, altogether a lovely meal, although a bit of a way out the restaurant was clean, friendly and had a huge well priced menu, well recommended! and again many thanks to Mike and Riza.

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