Friday, 22 May 2009

And Now For Something Compleatly Different!

a question to ponder, a couple in New Zealand's tourist town of Rotorua, asked for a £4,000 overdraft, the bank dropped the ball and credited them with 1,000 times more - £4m, they have now after transferring funds and drawing cash, had it away on their toes - it is understood the couple still have up to £3 million pounds, now here is the question, what would YOU have done? giving it back or telling the bank is a option!


Jil Wrinkle said...

I would keep withdrawing the interest and living off of that (about £120K per year at 3%). When the bank wants their £4m back, it would be there waiting.

PattayaStan said...

Jil, a great idea, but if Westpac is any thing like the banks I have had dealings with in the UK they would sue for the last drop of interest back too! best regards, Stan and Diana.