Wednesday, 27 May 2009

I never knew we had one of these,

I Know That In The UK We Do Have Some Underground Cavens,

but I never thought they were as large as this one, I assumed the large caverns were in more exotic places like Mexico, etc, but this one is in the good ole' UK, in Ingleborough, North Yorkshire, Gaping Gill was opened to the public over the weekend and people will have the chance to explore the spectacular cave system throughout the week,

a few facts about the cave, the cavern was formed by the action of a stream, Fell Beck, which flows from the flank of 2,373ft Ingleborough, the second highest mountain in the Yorkshire Dales, on to limestone rocks and roars down a dizzying 360ft drop in a natural fault line, the plunging torrent forms Britain's highest unbroken waterfall - twice the height of Niagara, the main chamber is 476ft long, 82ft wide and 115ft from floor to vaulted ceiling, who would have thought that all of this was in the UK?

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