Sunday, 26 April 2020

As I Was Typing The Blog,

there was a huge crash at the window that made me jump,

 which meant one of two things, either the regular crow that eats peanuts from the window sill had forgotten how he normally lands, or, it was a different crow that like the first, took a few days to perfect his landing, in any event he took as many as he could eat and carry, 

 we had a quiet day, a few games of cribbage, the rest of the time watching television, in the evening time for our meal,

 for our starter chicken noodle soup,

 baked salmon for the main course,

'Cheers!', we decided against a desert as we were both full, we spent most of the evening listening to some more of the CDs we had bought, and once again I rediscovered the delights of Samuel Osmond Barber II

although best known for Adagio for Strings, above,

my personal favorite is the choral Agnus Dei, (Lamb of God), above, 

we rounded off the evening with The Predator (2018), as you might expect a shadow of the original but still fun to watch, I am guessing we will soon have Predator (2021), then (2026) etc, etc, by now the midnight hour was approaching, so for us we were off to bed.

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