Sunday, 29 November 2020

One Of The Crows,

called by for a early morning meal,

for myself I was out early as well as I had a few thigs to do,

first stop to Kingfisheries, I needed to drop off our keys so that Lee could call in to top up our aquarium when we are away to Bournemouth next week,

on the way back to Waitrose I had a look at the flower beds by Beckenham Green,

and nice they looked too, I did not have a look at the stalls as they were the same ones we looked at last week,

next stop Waitrose, I forgot it was Saturday,

so there was a huge queue, and it took an age to get in, worse still they did not sell the washing powder we wanted,

I parked the trolley back in the trolley bay,

by the neat machine that wraps Christmas trees, so I walled back to Marks and Spencer's, queued up there only to find they did not sell the brand we wanted either!

arriving home one of the foxes was on our sunbed,

and was soon waiting for a few peanuts,

something the cows,

noticed as well,

in the evening a read and a sherry,

followed buy a seashell of seafood and some rolled smoked salmon,


bangers and mash followed by a few grapes rounded off my meal, 

some water water was dripping down the outside of the building, looking outside it turned out to be condensation, so that was not a problem, then a nice surprise, Xu and his daughter Cece, called by and had a chat, after they left,

Diana called so off to the bus stop and home where it was feet up for some coffee, panettone and our film for the evening,

 Operation Finale, a film about the capture of a war criminal, and with the end of that we were off to bed.

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