Tuesday, 24 November 2020

We Had Another Early Morning Walk Through The Park,

for Diana to catch the 05.55AM bus,

there was almost a frost, winter will soon be here in earnest,

just a few hours later I was retracing my steps,

as I was on my way to Kingfisheries, in Croydon Road for some RO water, next stop Lidl for a few boxes of wine and some spiced rum,

arriving home it was feet up for a coffee until we had a delivery, we had ordered a few poinsettia blooms for the garland on the front door,

so I added those,

 although early it is really starting to feel like Christmas! Diana arrived home just before it got dark, in the evening we watched a Midsomer Murder, then as the New Tricks series had finished we watched another one, we had a snack in the evening, finishing off the last of a chocolate panettone, which nice though it was, we both preferred the plain version, and with the end of the panettone we were off to bed.

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