Sunday, 7 May 2017

I Am Only Making One Post Today,

as there are quiet a few photographs,

 and more importantly Diana is arriving home this afternoon and the house is a mess! so back to Saturday, water out,

 and water in the aquarium,

 then clean and refill the kittens pool,

 Mariana always likes this bit,

 she is fascinated by the shower-head

 and is soon pawing the water,

 and playing with it,

 Cable came along to have a look,

 Hogue wanted nothing to do with it,

 but for Mariana,

 it was fun time in the water,

 next stop a visit to TukCom, I parked opposite the Day Night hotel,

 which has been completely refurbished,

 I made my way to the store,

 and then to Friendship, an empty Soi Bukaow opposite Friendship,

 considering it was Saturday the traffic was very light,

 into Friendship,

 this side of the car park finished,

but on the other side,

 work continues,

 shopping over and arriving home, the flower on the bulb is starting to fill out,

  and the one on the cactus is looking good too,

 I then decided to go for a drive on the motorbike, I wandered up Soi Khao Talo, taking pictures of temples as I went, this is the first complex that you see,

 having said that you follow Soi Khao Talo to its end then turn right and then into the temple complex,

 continuing along that road I passed this ruin,

 I have no idea what it was,

  in any event abandoned now, arriving at a T junction I turned left, through a small village,

  on the same road you will come to a lake, on the other side of it this temple,

  I drove around to it to take a couple of pictures,

   just to the side of it this one,

 if you drive away to quickly you will miss this one, it is on the left hand side along a small road,

  inside the complex I noticed these freezes,

 I am guessing these are for new building,

  as they look new,

  I continued along the same road,

 then looking behind me saw this temple on the hill,

 so I zoomed in for a closer look, then it started to rain, so home I went,
the reason I went for a drive is that my birthday present arrived, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8, with a 12 - 60 zoom, but not a normal GX8 this one had been modified by Protech Photographic in Uckfield, East Sussex in the UK, if you need any advice regarding having an unused camera converted Joanne is the lady to talk to, so unbelievably helpful with my many questions about having a camera converted,

basically the camera has a new sensor put into it, so that it will only photograph light that we do not see, infrared,

 and this is what the infrared images are like,

 I took both cameras with me for my short trip,

they look pretty boring but hopefully using a few different editing programs I will hopefully teach myself how to process these picture into something that looks a little more attractive, steep learning curve ahead!

as it was Saturday I decided to eat outside as we normally would do on a Saturday,

and I decided on an International salad, Paris ham, Norwegian smoked salmon, German peppered ham and a Scotch egg,

and for salad all from Thailand, coleslaw, onions, beetroot, red, green and yellow peppers, purple cabbage, a boiled egg and some lettuce,

and to round off the meal for dessert I ate a couple of bananas which Mr. Tony had brought around, they were now nicely ripened, and they do you a lot of good if this guide by the BBC is anything to go by, I listened to music until well past the midnight hour and then for me I was off to bed.

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Thanks for the mention Stan, look forward to seeing more images! Jo