Saturday, 6 May 2017

I Had A Two Things To Do Today,

firstly pick up the tax and insurance certificates for the truck,

 from the testing station, and secondly take the Honda to be tested, it has not been used for I can not remember when, so the battery needed charging and the tyres pumped up,

 whilst that was happening I noticed one of the bulbs had flowered,

 hopefully it will fully open over the next few days,

 I arrived at the testing station, exhaust gases measured,

 and noted,

 the testing station is located on the Sumkivitt Road, looking back to Pattaya,

 and towards Bangkok, it is just before the Bangkok Pattaya hospital,

 and this is the sign to look for, motorcycles have to be tested every year once they are 5 years old, for cars and trucks when they reach 7 years old,

 looking as good as new, but the Honda is now 15 years old,

 in the late afternoon I made a move to the weekend night market in Thepprasit Road, and parked opposite a balloon seller,

 walking from the motorcycle park a few mobile food stalls had parked up, this one,

 making some sort of pancake,

 the soup stall,

 proving to be very popular,

looking towards Jomtien, a pigeon on top of the building,

and looking inland, nearly clear skies which was nice, it had been raining most of the day,

 I made my way into the market, a strange looking design for a top, with skulls and crossbones and monkeys, 

 multi coloured flags from many countries,

 and multi coloured goods to match, 

 one of the mobile fruit sellers making a sale,

 whilst his son gets to try the motorcycle,

 opposite the bar this evening a stall selling T shirts,

 and one selling shoes,

 no discernible work has taken place on the steelworks,

 but the space underneath it is almost all taken,

 the trouble is that the stalls are all dark and do not look particularly inviting, but I guess lights will be installed soon,

 on to the fruit section,

 where it appears to be the start of the durian season,


 and trays of them everywhere,

 I made my way past some of the food aisles,

 to the pet section,

 and to the store we normally use,

 I bought a couple of packs of wet food and one of dry,

towards the end of the aisle I took another look at the prairie dogs, they look so cute,

 on to the petting section, 

 with pigs, goats,

 and rabbits,

 they also had a nice selection of love birds for sale,

 at the end of the aisle the aquatic store,

 sunset over the market,

 looking back underneath the covered section towards the bar,

 someone must have been a good boy,

 looking inland,

 as I sat at the bar various mobile carts,

 walked past,

 the sun quickly set,

 and was soon gone, 

 back to the motorcycle,

 and off for my evening meal, to the Punch and Judy,

it is located between Pattaya 3rd Road and Thepprasit Soi 8, opposite what was once the Eden Hotel,

and for my meal this evening, bangers and mash, then home feet up,

for an evening of Poirot, after 3 episodes I was then off to bed.

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