Saturday, 6 May 2017

In The UK,

when it snows just a tiny little bit,

roads are closed, and the trains do not run, some times of course the snow is different, meaning that not only do the trains in Great Britain not run, they can not even close the doors if the wrong type of snow falls, going back to roads a light snow fall does not stop the snow ploughs clearing the mountain road called Trollstigen (Troll's Path) in Norway, the road has a 10% incline and eleven hairpin curves, Trollstigen is closed in the winter (you can see why), but since the area depends on tourism, the road is cleared every spring, usually in May, the amazing thing is the snow is deeper than the plough! the machine must go forward and back, several times, as it inches forward to clear both lanes, and make sure it stays on the road,

and better still a real treat as Jo William Boman shares his aerial video with us all.

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