Friday, 5 May 2017

Take A Mirror,

and lots of photographic equipment,

 to the centre of Lake Eyre, in Australia, 

 a desert lake with an extremely high concentration of salt, 

 set the equipment up and start taking pictures,

 at all hours of the day and night and these are some of the stunning results that you can take,

but do not think it is easy, Australian photographer Murray Fredericks has made at least twenty journeys to the centre of Lake Eyre, “In the ‘Vanity’ series, rather than reflecting our own ‘surface’ image, the mirror is positioned to draw our gaze out and away from ourselves, into the environment, driving us towards an emotional engagement with light, colour and space,” said Fredericks about the series,

You can see a behind-the-scenes look at Fredericks’ photographic process and journey into Lake Eyre in the short video above, images from Vanity are included in his solo exhibition titled Salt:Vanity at Hamiltons Gallery in London through June 14, 2017, what a major effort to go there so often, the conditions seem so harsh in the video, but what a great reward with such stunning photographs

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