Thursday, 4 May 2017

The Girls Are Off,

going to Kai's village,

 so it was, all my bags are packed,

 I'am ready to go, wait a second those are the words of a song written by John Denver and sung by Peter, Paul and Mary

 moving on I had a busy day planned,  

 first stop the battery shop on the Sumkivitt Road near Pattaya Tai,

 a good selection to chose from,

 I went with same as I had before, which strangely enough had come down in price from 3,600 to 3,200, the guarantee was for one year, looking at the date code on the one taken out it was 4 years old, which out here due to the heat I suppose is pretty good,

  then along to BOY, on Soi Sumkivitt Pattaya 5, as you leave Pattaya to go to Bangkok, 

you will pass the Toyota garage on your left, take the next 'U' turn and BOY will be on your left,

I parked up and explained what I wanted,

it is a garage specialising in sound systems, in car televisions, burglar alarms etc,

as work started I had a look around,

 outside all manner of car accessories,

 from petrol caps to steering wheels, 

 inside all of the electrical goodies,

 so many sound systems to chose from, but that was not why I was here, 

 I waved down this mobile coffee stall,

 for a ice coffee, 

 so what had to be done? basically the cable going to the camera in the rear view mirror needed rerouting as it kept coming down, also I needed to go to the government MOT, road tax and compulsory insurance station, so I had the front lenses for the main headlights buffed,

 they came up looking like new,

 also one of the spot lamps had failed, now 15 years old there were no bulbs for it, so no choice but to buy two new ones,

 and here they are, halogen ones, half the size, twice as bright, and three times more expensive, so that is alright then,

 off to the test station, no queue so straight in,

 the exhaust monitored, lights and brakes tested on a rolling road, and it passed,

 and I was rewarded with a T shirt and glass, I have to call back on Friday for the disc and truck log book,

 arriving home I swapped the truck for the motorcycle and went to the hardware store,

that has everything, except what I wanted, some garden string to tie up some of the lemon bushes that were bending over with the weight of the lemons,

 so next stop off to the 20 baht shop,

 that has even more items in it,

the three above pictures were just the outside,

 inside the shop went back for more than a few meters,

 so a quick look around,

 and green string bought and I was on my way, 

 to Friendship,

 I was going to buy some sandwiches for the next few days, not that it was busy, but the only place to park was on the pavement,

 the inside was packed with cars as only a third of the car park could be used,

 and the space for motorcycles was full,

 the new steps looked nice,

 arriving home with the garden string,

 I looped it around the plants, not a great job, but better than it was, 

 a quick shower and I was out for my evening meal, as I did not have breakfast or lunch, just the roadside coffee, I decided to treat myself to a meal at the Punch and Judy, which is is located between Pattaya 3rd Road and Thepprasit Soi 8,

I did not feel that hungry, so I went with a prawn cocktail, then home,

for Raiders of the Lost Ark, which I guess we have all seen, great fun,

 to round the evening off I watched an old James Bond Movie starring Roger Moore, Live and Let Die, and with that I was off to bed.

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