Sunday, 1 July 2018

There Is A New Art Installation Just Opened,

in Japan,

 in Tokyo’s Odaiba district, 

it is billed as the world’s biggest museum dedicated to interactive digital art,  

it has a massive space of 107,000 square feet, 

 and how best to describe the experience?

 well here it is,  “People understand and recognise the world through their bodies, moving freely and forming connections and relationships with others,” a statement says. “As a consequence the body has its own sense of time. In the mind, the boundaries between different thoughts are ambiguous, causing them to influence and sometimes intermingle with each other. teamLab Borderless is a group of artworks that form one borderless world. Artworks move out of the rooms freely, form connections and relationships with people, communicate with other works, influence and sometimes intermingle with each other, and have the same concept of time as the human body.” so there it is,

and what makes all lo this happen? the simulations are created by 470 projectors and 520 computers, it looks fascinating, and yes we would like to go, just a small point book ahead, on many days the event is sold out so there are no tickets at the door.

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