Thursday, 4 August 2022

After Posting The Blog,

I was out to visit Duncan,

the forecast was not good, so jacket on and a umbrella in my bag, along with some chocolate for Duncan,

it was certainly a grey sky,

on the top deck of the bus and passing Foxgrove Lodge,

Peter Pan's Playground,

the gayly painted pub in Catford,

and the never ending building project,

in Lewisham,

the market open as usual,

arriving in Blackheath I was soon walking past the florists,

next door to the station,

I missed the 09.33,

so I had lots of time to wait at Dartford, as I also missed the connecting train to Gravesend,

still the water lilies looked nice, I think the red one was a piece of plastic, shame about the wire netting,

arriving at Gravesend it was so hot, so jacket in the bag,

the bus stop was opposite the Somerset Arms,

the planted baskets looking very colorful, I was soon on a 381 bus,

and walking up the hill, 

to the nursing home, Duncan was his usual happy self, we chatted away until his lunch arrived,

walking to the bus stop the clouds had cleared,

it was baking hot as I neared the station,

something must have happened in Blackheath as a group of police officers made their way back to their van,

passing the Catford cat,

I keep meaning to take a photograph of this building in Catford,

the plants growing up, or maybe down it,

blocking out the light as it covers the windows,

in the bus it was so hot,

I was really glad to get out and into Lidl's, I had to pick up some milk and flowers,

as I mentioned before, someone really cornered the market on hydrangeas,

how about this for a coincidence, only yesterday I made a post about a dolls house, and today in the charity shop as the bus passed it,

in the window a dolls house,

it was huge, no mention of a price,

into the park,

and home for a read and a sherry,

'Cheers!', as I tucked into Scottish loch smoked trout, 

and a cold cut meat sandwich, I then listened to a selection from Roy Wood, the Move and Wizard, all of which brought back so many memories of that time, next a episode from Lewis which ended shortly before Diana arrived home, so a coffee and a chat as we watched Silent Witness before we were off to bed.

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