Tuesday, 2 August 2022

On Our Travels We Often Visit Antique Shows And Shops,

many have dolls houses for sale,

photographs by Jenna Bascom, but this one is defiantly not for sale, it was put together by art collector and patron, Joanna Fisher, stuck in bed and unable to move during the height of Covid, Joanna discovered the dollhouse, a replica of a Venetian Palazzo, it was already sold, what to do? make one herself! Joanna then proceeded to furnish the house with original artworks by artists and artisans all over the world. “The project was my savior, it cost me more than furnishing one of my own homes, but it was worth every penny.”

from Joanna, "I suppose it’s the nature of the times in that people are looking for something safe and warm and cozy. It’s been a very special project for me which has taken on a life of its own, something I never expected. For me, the dollhouse was really my savior. It gave me tremendous solace. I would go into my studio very late at night and I would tinker away in solitude. Yet it also created a connection to people all over the world. I reached out to dozens of artists and artisans and would talk to them about the history of things and where they came from and who made them and how they made them. So it went from a process of isolation to being a project of socialization",

at the bottom of the photograph, wicker basket by Will Werson, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, with brussels sprouts by Shirley Chalkley, West Sussex, England, and gong, c. 1910, probably made in England,

The Receiving Room,

Murano-style chandelier by Mario Ramos and Mariana Grande, Madrid,

clavichord with view of Venice on lid. Mandolin made in the Philippines,

Murano-style chandelier by Mario Ramos and Mariana Grande, Madrid; Silver covered serving dish by Pete Acquisto, Queen Creek, AZ. to see more, much more of the miniature wonderland, have a look here at the article from New York Social Dairy, what a Herculean task it must have been to assemble all of these miniatures.

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