Tuesday, 2 August 2022

I Left Home After Diana,

I was going to the shop for some RO water,

it was so humid outside,

lots of cloud but so warm,

there really is a window in there somewhere!

out of the bus, the antique shop closed today,

I spent some time in the shop as I wanted to take a few photographs of some of the stock to send to the shops web page, a few fish like this one, a glass catfish, (Kryptopterus vitreolus), it looks see through, but leaves a shadow!

some electric blue rams, (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi),

in the outdoor coldwater fish and plants a starlet, sometimes called sturgeon, as it happens they were once very common in the UK, but now they are endangered, just think, grow your own caviar in your back garden! going back to sturgeon in UK waters, remember if you catch one whilst fishing you must first offer your catch to the Queen, yes you really do have to telephone Buckingham Palace! if you want to buy this one at Kingfisheries it costs £99.00,

in the indoor coldwater fish section, a fancy goldfish,

and new for many people who have not seen one before, a hoover for the aquarium! after arriving home and my evening meal it was feet up for a film from Czechoslovak, 

Horí, má panenko, 

or as it is known in English, The Fireman's Ball, the film has English sub titles, and is a comedy, the film, released in 1976 is set around a ball given to honour the 86 year old ex head of departments birthday, the proceedings are dogged by difficulty at every step, they plan to organize a beauty pageant at the ball, yet struggle tremendously to find enough pretty contestants, a lottery is planned for later in the evening, but the guests begin stealing the prizes, then, inevitably, there is a fire in the town, it is not to everyone's taste, but I have to admit I enjoyed it, 
I followed that with 2 episodes from Wolf Hall, which was very enjoyable to watch again, after which Diana arrived home form work, so a coffee and a chat which Mum and Lynn, who joined in from the Philippines on a video link which was nice, after that we were off to bed. 

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