Monday, 1 August 2022


and we were out,

into the park to met up with Steve and Kai, who picked us up, and as usual I took way too many photographs, so I am only making the one post today,

we were soon hurtling towards Crawley Down, 

which is in West Sussex,

this is the sign we were looking for,

we made our way through beech trees,

and left, 

into the car park of Laurence Hobbs Orchids, located in Hophurst Lane, Crawley Down, and if you rely on Sat Nav as we did, the post code is RH10 4LN,

as soon as Diana and Kai were out of the car,

the local blackberries took a hit!

note Diana's red roes, all set for the match later this afternoon,

a walk to the greenhouse,

where we were greeted with a huge display of orchids, Diana,

and Kai admiring the blooms,

and there were so many to look at,

way back in December 2019,

the orchids were better than ever,

some with really unusual flowers,

like this one,

what a display!

and of course there was a selection of goods to help you to look after them,

into the main house where the plants are grown,

so many to look at,

and take photographs of,

I kept snapping away,

there seemed to be no end,

to the colours,

from the most delicate yellows,

to the deepest of purples,

Steve and Diana look at the plants,

like this miniature orchid,

whilst I was snapping away,

we could not have picked a better open day,

for this beauty,

but alas we had missed the Black Jack's flowers,

Steve and Kai admiring the plants,

and I had to have a look as well,

I looked through my shirts and this hibiscus was the nearest to an orchid I had,

I carried on taking photographs,

as we made a 'U' turn at the end of the house,

still so much to look at,

Diana liked this miniature orchid,

in contrast, 

this one was huge,

we were nearing the entrance/exit to the house,

where on our way in,

we were greeted by these blooms,

a last photograph in the greenhouse,

and we were back in the main sales area,

Diana taking a rest as Steve's purchases are wrapped,

expertly done, the nursery has open days several times a year, just check on the website when the next one is, but if you do want to call in at other times just telephone Laurence on 07961 350053,

we made our way back to the car and started towards Croydon,

some one is getting married in style,

and this is where we were heading,

for a few bits and pieces,

and a couple of beers to go with the match, these from Vietnam,

and these Lucky Buddha beers, with his face on the front,

from China,

Diana was busy in the kitchen,

pre-pairing a few nibbles,

before the game,

I should mention it is the ladies football cup finale, between England and Germany,

we also had a salad, smoked salmon and cold cuts with cheese,

eyes down and tuck in,

Diana had bought a low alcohol peach flavored bottle of bubbly for Kai and herself to go with the cakes,

easy does it,


Steve and myself stayed with beer for the match,

and guess what?

we won!

so out with the normal bubbly to celebrate,

2-1 to us, 'Cheers!', well done the girls! after Steve and Kai left, it was a Lewis for us before we were off to bed.

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