Saturday, 1 October 2016

Diana Went Shopping In The Market,

whilst I went to the aquatic store,

 Pattaya Pet Supplies, unfortunately there is a big sign as you walk in, 'No Pictures' which is a shame, at the aquatic store I have in the UK we do not mind photographers at all, it helps within the photographic community to spread word of my shop and where we are, also anyone looking at a picture taken there might ask where my shop is, so as far as I am concerned it is free advertising, but no pictures inside here so there it is,

looking towards Sumkivitt, the shop is on Thepprasit Road, 200 baht later and I was on my way home with 12 packs of frozen blood-worms for the fish,

 I played around in the spare room at home, we use it as a store room and it was getting a mess, also we wanted to remove the spare chairs for the outdoor table from the living room, the kittens were using them as a climbing frame and it was only a matter of time before the wickerwork will be damaged, then a call from Diana to say she was in Friendship, so off I went,

 next to it construction work was continuing, but I have no idea what will be there, normally on a project like this there are pictures, or I should say artists impressions of the finished project, but so far nothing,

 shopping finished,

 a stop for a ice coffee and tea at the rear of Friendship, 

 a cat nap for Mariana and myself, 

 who for some reason,

 finds sleeping on my lower leg,

 almost as good as her favourite spot on top of one of the speakers,

 as it is Friday off to the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road, 

 looking towards Jomtien cloudy skies,

 everybody is here tonight,

 one of the many sushi stalls that seem to be becoming popular here,

 looking inland grey skies,

 opposite the bar this evening a pillow and clothes stall,

 one of the feather ladies, hopefully I will be more successful than last week in buying a few peacock feathers for the kittens,

 the steelworks at this end of the market finished, 

 and just a few sections to complete at the far end,

 a few customers in the pet section,

 plenty of fancy goldfish in the aquatic store, 

 and a good selection of foods, but alas no freezer so no frozen blood-worms here,

 sunset over the market,

 not much to do now to complete this end of the roof,

 it is all looking good,

 and hopefully the next stage will be completed soon,

 looking inland grey cloudy skies as a group of shoppers looks around the market, 

 success! with help from the lady behind the bar 9 feathers for 200 baht, tomorrow once I have finished cleaning the kittens pool, it is surprising how much dust it seems to attract, and give the aquarium its water change we will see what the kittens make of the feathers, after saying our goodbyes to Brian,

 it was home where a delicious lamb stew awaited us, 

 then a big splash from the kittens room, 

 some one had fallen in the water! 

 it was Mariana,

 who soon dried out, 

 then a nice surprise, whist in Tesco Lotus Diana had bought a tub of rum and raisin ice cream from Swensens,

by now Mariana had dried out and was getting comfortable on the speaker,

whilst we settled down to watch The Bedford Incident, a gripping cold war drama where the determination of the captain of the Bedford threatens to push him and his crew to breaking point, to cool things off we then watched a few from Judge Judy and with that we were off to bed.

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