Sunday, 2 October 2016

Name The Second Largest City In Arkansas,

here is a clue,

it is near the Oklahoma border,

and it is a fort,

 not exactly the setting you would expect for a major International street artists get together, 

 but that is what happened, this year and last,

 with The Unexpected, an ambitious local effort to bring significant public artworks to the streets,

funded in part by local non-profit 646 Downtown and curated by JustKids, the event is now in its second year and has brought over 20 artworks that transform old buildings, grain silos and store facades, the initiative has also engaged emerging artists from both the University of Arkansas and students from two local high schools who were invited to create their own murals around the city, and oh yes and the second largest city in Arkansas near the Oklahoma border where the art works are is called Fort Smith, not only are this years works on display but last years ones are also here.

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