Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Straight On To Today's Post,

as first thing we are off to Immigration for our 90 day check-in,

 but first a stop at the bank which is opposite the Pattaya Beer Garden to pay my MasterCard bill, 

 a couple of early risers in the bar opposite, 

 on the way back I called in at a market for some charcoal,

 this is a different market to the one we normally go to, it is permanent and totally covered,

 then after picking up Diana off to Tesco Lotus for some shopping,

the kittens had been out all afternoon, Mariana even managed to sneak into the kitchen where she camouflaged herself in a tray of sodas, 

 and although we missed it a very wet Cable walked into the living room, we had not heard him but he had been paddling again, after our evening meal we heard from him again,

 I am guessing the kitten equivalent of  'Help!', I am sure he could have gotten down again, but we gave him a helping hand,  

it was then time for a photo call, from the left Cable, Hogue and lastly Mariana,

who then got comfortable on her favourite speaker, we put them in their room and settled down to watch some television,

for this evening The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes, we had watched it all before but so long ago it was enjoyable to watch again, during a break between episodes we heard water moving, turning on the lights in the kittens room Cable was having another paddle, unfortunately by the time I had retrieved my camera from its bag he was out and drying himself, so two paddles in one day, he must really like the water, but so far no interest from Hogue or Mariana,

we rounded off the evening with another couple from 3rd Rock From The Sun, then for us we were off to bed.

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