Monday, 3 October 2016

We Were Off For Sunday Lunch,

but before we went out,

I took a short video of the kittens at play, as you might expect the kittens play like demons, until I get the camera out when they then decided to go on a go-slow or take a rest, but there it is,

 leaving for lunch we noticed one of the cactus had flowered,

 and a strange looking flower it was too, 

 a quick pose in the sunlight,

 and we were on our way to the Punch and Judy, this week for a change of venue,

 the pub is located on Soi 8 off Thepprasit road almost opposite the Eden Hotel,

 Diana and myself shared a chicken pate starter which Mr. Tony also chose, Slim Jim decided to wait for the main course,


 then on to main courses, an English breakfast for Slim Jim,


 and lots of then for Diana,

for Mr. Tony a cheese topped cottage pie, 

 and for myself,

the lamb Sunday roast,

our happy band, after the meal we said our farewells, 

 later in the evening whilst watching the latest Victoria

 we decided on a late night snack, when we heard a splash, one of the kittens had fallen into the pool, we thought, but the splashing continued,

 again Cable had decided to torment one of the ducks,

 and was playing with it, 

 and the reflections in the tiles, 

 all of this left Mariana and Hogue totally underwhelmed,

 Hogue preferring to play with one of the ball toys, 

 or just watch,

 Cable as he enjoyed himself,

 it will be interesting to see if he takes a dip again,

 also if Hogue or Mariana will join him, 

but for tonight Mariana was on the high tower just watching, 

for ourselves we watched a few more from 3rd Rock From The Sun, then for us we were off to bed.

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